Inspiring a radical rethinking of philosophy's past...

...and empowering its future.

There is a growing awareness that the history of philosophy is richer and more diverse than previously understood.

Our two book series help reveal that diversity and brilliance ….

Oxford New Histories of Philosophy

Oxford New Histories of Philosophy (ONHP) speaks to a new climate in philosophy. It contains new editions and translations of significant historical texts. 

Oxford Philosophical Concepts

Oxford Philosophical Concepts (OPC) offers an innovative approach to philosophy’s past and its relation to other disciplines. As a series, it is unique in exploring the transformations of central philosophical concepts from their ancient sources to their modern use.

The Center for New Narrative of Philosophy organizes sessions at most Eastern, Central, and Pacific American Philosophical Associations. Watch for our sessions and follow us:


In recognition of our dear friend who started the change...

Eileen O'Neill shifted attitudes about the seriousness of working on women philosophers.
Eileen O'Neill